Neighbourhood Watch

The local neighbourhood watch scheme was set up in the autumn of 1998 at the instigation of Mr John Roberts of Springbrook Chipstable. Meetings where held at Waterrow Church Hall, advice taken from our local beat officer, signs bought, insurance arranged, and approximately 51 households registered.

Mr Fred Newman East Meadows co-ordinator 01398 361346

The police now have three categories by which the public can contact them.

1 Real Emergency e.g. witnessing a burglary, witnessing an accident which requires a police presence, or seeing a stranger in the vicinity of a property which you know to be vacant at the time. Telephone 999

Dial 999 in an emergency - such incidents include witnessing crime or when you think police presence is urgent

2 Semi- Emergency e.g. reporting a suspicious car or characters in our area ;

General police number is 101 – for use when you have general queries, to pass message to your local beat team, wish to report suspicious incidents, or think there is a need for non urgent police attendance

Neighbourhood Watch Administrator – for administration purposes regarding Neighbourhood Watch only: Lindsey Stone, Bridgwater Police Centre, Sandy Padgett House, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater TA6 4RR. Telephone 101 or direct dial 01278-644799. Email

The basic principle of Neighbourhood Watch is to be aware during our daily routine and make note of anything suspicious in our area. If you are suspicious of an incident or vehicle, inform the police or a co-ordinator immediately, noting registration number of vehicle and number / description of occupants. The police will then take any action they think appropriate and the co-ordinator will inform other members in the area.

Aims of Neighbourhood Watch

  • Cut crime and the opportunities for crime

  • Help and reassure those who live in fear of crime

  • Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities

  • Tell the police and your neighbours about suspicious incidents in your neighbourhood

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